Taxi Rates and Information

All taxi prices are set by the Region of Waterloo


  • $3.50 – initial meter fare
  • $2.10 – per kilometre
  • $31.20 – per hour waiting/contract HST included in fares
  • All prices are in Canadian Dollars


Licensing and Enforcing Services
Effective October 5, 2011
Docs 345983v10


A Driver providing a Taxi Cab Service may turn on Taxi-Cab Meter before passenger has occupied the Taxi-Cab if:
The Passenger has requested the Taxi-Cab at a specific location at a specific time; or
The Driver or Passenger is loading or unloading the Passenger’s personal items into or from the Taxi-Cab or accessible Taxi-Cab. Mobility Assistance Devices are not a personal item

Out of Town Rates

To view our out of town fixed rates Click here.
Our KW-Pearson Airport drop off is on special at $100.00 including HST.


Please Book Airport and Out of Town Requests Over the Phone

United Taxi requests our Out of Town and Airport Request customers to book your taxi ahead over the phone by calling United Taxi at 519-888-9999. Please call and ask for Dispatch to book your ride. By booking ahead the dispatcher will give your call a special code so that dispatch becomes aware of your call about a half hour in advance of the time and date you requested which is helpful for a timely dispatch in busy times or inclement weather.

If you need to go immediately, just order a taxi as usual by calling or using the app. If you use the app please put a note in the ‘Info for Driver” section that you are going to the airport. Please be advised that if you use the app and it matches you with a driver that cannot go out of town for personal reasons such as end of shift or needs to be to an appointment etc, you may see the call convert back to awaiting dispatch and then assigned to another car.

The app is great for tracking your taxi, we just wanted to let you know this may happen for a longer trip that is out of town.


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