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Order, Track and Save using our Mobile App

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1. Download and install the app for your phone
2. Open and Enter a Correct Address
3. Enter Descriptive ‘Info for Driver’ for Pickup Location (see pics below)
4. Track, Send Driver Message or Cancel

Complete Instructions

Note: If you are located at a place of business please use the ‘Info for Driver’ section to input the business name, or after your car is assigned text your driver directly by clicking on your order under “open bookings”.

  1. Open App and perform a ‘one time’ setup of your name and phone number from the device you will be using for ordering. (you should instantly receive your confirmation code text which you must enter at this stage).
    Please allow “notifications” when it asks. The app will send notifications when you taxi status changes.
  2. That all for the setup, now go ahead and book your taxi under ‘New Booking’.
  3. You are able to save multiple addresses. After you have click on ‘Enter and Address’ and the map pops up, simply tap your address and edit it to your exact information remembering to enter your ‘Unit Number’ if you have one then select “Done”.
    If you are located off the actual city road, such as in the U of W, Bingeman Park or the Breslau Airport, you may have to tap on the road surrounding your location and the under ‘Info for Driver’ please fill in the needed info. i.e. “at the student life center, or at the arrivals door”.
    You may enter your destination the same way but it is not mandatory.
  4. Back on the main screen you can ‘Book’ right away or for a future pickup.
    Also use “Info for Driver” to add any info for the drivers such as ‘back door’ or ‘Walmart Bridgeport road’. Anything that best describes exactly where you are helps more so than the exact address if it’s a business.
  5. You can also select ‘Taxi Type” if you wish. You can customize your order to include vehicles that can accommodate wheelchairs, pets, air conditioning, battery boosts ($19.99) and bicycles.
  6. Your done! Tap ‘Book’ then Book and Save’ to have it save all your information on your device for next time so it’s a ‘one tap order! You can have as many addresses pre-loaded as your wish. It does not save the Info for Driver information.
  7. You will receive a notification for any status change for your taxi and its location will update in 15 second intervals with the taxi’s real-time location.
  8. Open the app and tap ‘Track Booking’ to see the status of your taxi. You can also Cancel your taxi here if need be. This screen updates every 15 seconds or you can press the green refresh symbol in the top left of the screen.
    Driver Messaging: You can message your driver directly within the app. The feature is located at the same place you would track your taxi.
  9. Enjoy your day after riding with United Taxi and we always appreciate your business!

Please Note: Our In-App Payment feature had to be disabled due to fraudulent use of credit cards without Pin Pad passwords. With our offered Pin Pad payment system in-car, it eliminates a fraud risk for our company and reduces the fraud risk of customers in this region by taking away a venue for fraudsters to use stolen credit cards. Thank you for understanding.

Second Note: If you use the app to order a taxi at a place where there are a large number of people waiting for taxi’s (outside the bars at closing, Oktoberfest clubs etc) please be advised that it can be impossible to locate the correct customer that used the app. As you can imagine, driving through a crowd of people looking for a particular person can be dangerous and practically impossible. In situations like this please cancel the app call (takes about 2 seconds) and grab the United Taxi’s as they come in please. Thank you for understanding.

New App Features

​New Feature Added! Now you can track your taxi right to it’s destination.  Use Tracking the same way as watching the taxi coming to you.  It’s a great feature so you know when your guests are almost there if you order for them!

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New booking options
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