Book Out of Town Requests Over the Phone

Book Airport Drop-Off and Pickup either over the phone or using the buttons below.

United Taxi requests our Out of Town and Airport Request customers to book your taxi ahead over the phone by calling United Taxi at 519-888-9999. Please call and ask for Dispatch to book your ride. By booking ahead the dispatcher will give your call a special code so that dispatch becomes aware of your call about a half hour in advance of the time and date you requested which is helpful for a timely dispatch in busy times or inclement weather.

If you need to go immediately, just order a taxi as usual by calling or using the app. If you use the app please put a note in the ‘Info for Driver” section that you are going to the airport. Please be advised that if you use the app and it matches you with a driver that cannot go out of town for personal reasons such as end of shift or needs to be to an appointment etc, you may see the call convert back to awaiting dispatch and then assigned to another car.

The app is great for tracking your taxi, we just wanted to let you know this may happen for a longer trip that is out of town.

Pearson Toronto Airport Drop-Offs

Toronto Pearson Drop-Offs from Kitchener-Waterloo have a special price of $100.00 or 120.00 if a van is required, tax included.

It doesn’t matter how many people you have…as long as your luggage can fit in the car. Our recommendation based on luggage is 2 people per vehicle, maybe 3 if you have smaller amounts of luggage.

If you request our airport drop-off service from out of town, i.e. Elmira, New Hamburg, St, Jacobs etc, there will be an extra charge based on location for your pick-up.

Please call and ask Dispatch what the extra cost is for your area.

Pearson Toronto Airport Pickups

Toronto Pearson Airport Pickups for $115 for a car and 140.00 for a van MUST be pre-booked and pre-paid at least 24 hours in advance please. You cannot book an Toronto Pearson airport pickup with our app. It must be over the phone with our dispatcher please.

We need to have this 24 hour notice to arrange for a car for you. We strive to ensure service in a timely manner and this time frame allows us to assign your pick-up to a car and driver that is ready as well as follow the weather and watch for cancellations or delays in your flight.

The $115 includes the 100.00 for our special Pearson airport rate, $15 that our drivers have to pay to use the taxi compound which is mandatory for all cars that don’t pay a Toronto licensing fee and $15 to cover some time for the driver that will be waiting at the taxi compound listening for a page. If there is much extra time involved due to a customs or other issue there may be an additional fee for waiting. These prices include tax.

Please understand that it does take at least an hour, if not more depending on traffic, to get to Pearson Airport. If your flight is delayed or ahead of schedule, what information we have is what we use to dispatch your taxi. Most often it works out great, but every now and again Murphy’s law does throw us a curve ball. If you ask the security guard to call for your United Taxi as given instructions and it does not arrive in a timely manner after that, please call United Taxi and have them check on the location of your taxi.

When you do call for your Pearson Airport Pickup these are the questions you will need to provide details for:

  • Terminal Number
  • Airline, Flight Number and where you are flying from
  • Your First and Last Name
  • What time is the flight arriving
  • What time would you like us in the compound? (please allow extra time for customs and de-planing)

After you have de-planed, went through customs, gathered your luggage and are totally ready to be outside for you taxi you need to do this steps:

Go to the Arrivals level and ask a security guard to call the ‘Taxi Compound” and let them know that a customer is ready for a United Taxi from Kitchener. They compound will relay that message to the United Taxi and it will come to your Arrivals area. If your taxi does not arrive in about 5 minutes, call United Taxi to make sure it’s not late due to unforeseen circumstances and they will contact the driver.

Preferably you will have a cell phone so you can still watch for the taxi at the same time in case there was a delay in exiting the compound. It is a very busy place for taxi’s and limo parking.

Out Of Town Destination Price Sheets Located Below

Out of Town Flat Rates Sheet PDF – Click Here
Trips to Pearson Toronto Airport are on special at $100.00, or $120.00 if you require a van, Tax is included on all posted rates.

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